Writing, Blogging, Formatting, Homemaking, and Crafting!


Remember when I said exciting things are coming? They’re here! Some of you may be familiar with my book formatting logo:

EK Formatting

Well, I’m expanding the EK brand to all manner of ventures. Instead of spreading it all out, I’m going to start by consolidating it onto a single blog. I also plan on blogging more frequently. In order to help you know what each post is about, they’ll have a lovely logo like that at the top! A general post, much like this one, will be tagged with this:


So, what else can you expect to see from me? First up is the newest:


The Homemaking tag is one I’m particularly excited about, without it the rest of these ventures wouldn’t be possible. You see, I’m staying home with my son! Expect posts with the homemaking tag to involve stay at home mom sort of things. Cleaning, decorating, child-raising. It will probably be the most infrequent of my tags, but I thought I’d include it while I was going logo design happy.

I regret, that I’m not 100% sure how long this stay-at-home gig will last. Life outside of DC is expensive, especially with a new mouth to feed. My hope is that I’ll be able to earn enough from my formatting, writing, and crafting to make staying home continue to be possible.

Which, leads me to more tags!


This might be the one that you’re most excited about, assuming you follow my blog because you’re a fan of my writing. Well, I’ve got a lot in store. Now that I’m staying home, I hope to be quite prolific in the coming months! What’s on the list you may ask?

Wrought-Iron Roses will be releasing December 8. I do apologize for the postponement. Writing with a newborn turned out to be quite a bit harder than I expected! I’m still settling into a routine, but I’ve gotten over the hump.

If you missed the Curse Collectors book trailer, do check it out! I’m pretty pleased with it! Special thanks to the wonderful voice actress Emily Wood for providing the creeptastic voice.

Wee! What did you think?

More than Magic fans will be excited to know that I’m working on a new story for the paperback release of Danio’s Prelude. Never fear though, I’m not going to force people to buy a paperback just to get a short story. There will be ways to get a digital copy as well. The Soul Choice paperback should be out in November. I am sorry to say I still don’t have set plans for a sequel to Soul Choice, but yes, I did emphasize the word set. The characters are always nagging at me and I’m sure that a plot will come to me one of these days. There is, however, a More than Magic universe short story coming up in an anthology this spring!

Observant readers who follow me on Facebook may have noticed that I’m secretly, not-so-secretly gathering followers to a pen-name. I’m working on a couple of new series that I’d prefer my YA readers not accidentally buy, if you get my drift. Those will be out starting in 2016. If you haven’t caught my alter ego yet, but are interested in those series, I’m happy to let you in on the secret.

Last, something I’m super excited about. The original version of Semester Aboard was published one chapter at a time online. I miss doing that. I miss the instant chapter-by-chapter feedback and reader reactions, as well as the pressure to keep writing because people are waiting. So, I’m thrilled to announce that I will be posting a serial on my blog! Currently, I’m planning to do a chapter a week. The question now is, what will I write? I have plans for two series that I think would both translate well to serial form. I’d love to get your feedback on which one you’d like me to start with. Don’t worry, if it works out I’ll do both. They’re both YA series, one is a high fantasy with elves and unicorns. The other is a sort of urban/high fantasy hybrid featuring shifters. Drop by this link to vote and please leave a comment here with your preference as well!

I’m also finally going to start a monthly newsletter! Go ahead and sign up! Subscribers will get sales, freebies, sneak peeks, and more!

That wraps up my busy world of writing. I’ve got one more logo to show you! I’m also really pumped about this one. I’ve always wanted to open my own Etsy store, I’m a big crafter. I just never knew what to sell. I used to sell crocheted goods on a forum long, long ago. But those take ages and are tough to ship. I had a vision for art that I wanted to hang in the nursery, but couldn’t find what I was picturing. I’ve been on a painting kick recently, so I made them myself. After some great feedback from friends, I decided to sell them!

Without further ado:crafting

And behold, my own Etsy Store!

In addition to selling, I’ll also be posting here and there with crafting updates, patterns, and ideas. I’m brainstorming More than Magic and Curse Collectors themed paintings as well. If you can think of anything along those lines that you’d be happy to hang on your wall, please let me know!

And that brings you up to speed! Thanks for taking the time to read it all! Do please let me know which serial you’d like to see first and if you have a painting idea for me!

Until next time…

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